James “Buddy” Rogers makes you smile though his guitar’s his ony friend


If you mixed Robert Cray, Buddy Guy and JW Jones into a blender and took  the result down to Antones in Austin, Texas, the result would sound like James “Buddy” Rogers. The Vancouver musician has recently released his hot new CD “My Guitar’s My Only Friend.”

 Not only does he caress his Stratocaster with much love, but also has a pretty wicked sense of humour. He treads a perfect balance between sprightly melodies and  miserable lyrics.Click Here to hear James “Buddy” Rogers

 Whether singing about “Guitar Sue” beating her cheating ex-boyfriends with guitars or plotting revenge on a cheating ex girlfriend, he’ll make you smile.

He starts with the sultry title track of the CD, then picks up the paces and gets the toes a tapping on “Let’s Get Loose,” as the listener gets lost in a laid back groove. He keeps the toes tapping throughout the CD, but especially on “ Lovin” Kissin, Huggin.”

 He hits full steam ahead on “I’m On The Road Again,” which is one of the more Texas blues influenced tracks which is reminiscent of Storyville or the Arc Angels with just a touch of the Fabulous Thunderbirds if  Robert Cray was singing for either of them.
Choosing favourite songs off of this CD is like trying to pick a favourite child. The revenge tale “Disappearing Baby Blues” has some very clever lyrics backed by an addictive groove.

Guitar Sue has some pretty disturbing, yet clever lyrics while being powered by a laid back ”Johnny B Good” riff.
 On the other hand, “Blame It on The Blues,” pretty much says it all.

“DAWG,” an ode to his favourite radio station, is also a highlight, which winds down the CD before the easygoing instrumental “Buddy’s Walk.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: My Guitar’s My Only Friend
Artist: James “Buddy” Rogers
Genre: blues