CKXUs For the Record festival focuses on country music with a modern twist


It’s not your grandfather’s country— well it sort of is, but with a modern twist.

Dai Hewison is excited to organize For the Record Festival, Aug. 13 in the Grove. Photo by Richard Amery


CKXU is celebrating some of Alberta’s independent country musicians with the For the Record Festival, Aug. 13 in the grove new to the University of Lethbridge Student’s Union building.


Shaela Miller, the Cody Hall Band, Mariya Stokes, Amy Nelson, Robert Adam and D’Orjay the Singing Shaman will be on stage at 6 p.m., Aug. 13.


 The free all ages festival is an expansion of the three smaller festivals Dai Hewison, host of CKXU’s For the Record Friday morning  radio show, organized last summer.

“It’s a way to get people to come out for a live music experience,” Hewison said.


Hewison is organizing the festival while CKXU staff are helping out with the logistics of the event.



“I remember going to Love and Records and wanted to do something like it. CKXU has never done a festival focusing on country music. But it’s not your usual country music. These performers are still independent artists who have large following and are still working their way up,” Hewison continued.

“ It’s an all ages  festival because  we want to get young people involved with the music scene and not have to wait until they’re 18, They can enjoy live music is a safe, open and comfortable space,” Hewison continued.


 Several of the artists were involved Project Wild finalists. Local favourite Shaela Miller won the last Project Wild. Cody Hall band play local venues a lot.

Calgary singer songwriter Amy Nelson is also a familiar face in Lethbridge.


Amy Nelson plays the For the Record Festival, Aug. 13 in the Grove. Photo by Richard Amery

“D‘Orjay the Singing Shaman is a black queer artist, who wants to reinforce black artists’ role in country music,” Hewison said.


“Robert Adam is from Crossfield. He is a queer artist who was a finalist in Project Wild. He adds dream pop and pop music to his music,” Hewison said adding he sings about the queer experience growing up in a small town.


Mariya Stokes, who sings on “Groove,” one of local funk band Adequate’s singles, is a Top three Project Wild finalist from 2019.


For the Record is a free all ages festival. There will be a 18 plus beer garden and a lot of live music starting at 5:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 13.


Parking on campus will be free.


Hewison said CKXU staff are working on arranging a live broadcast of the event as well.

— By RichardAmery,L.A.Beat Editor

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