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NSR is Nashville bound

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It’s a long way to go to play one song, but local hard rock band NSR (No Such Rules) can’t wait to play the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards showcase, Aug. 28 in Nashville at BB Kings.
Bridgette Yarwood. Photo by Richard Amery
NSR’s song “Shaken Without Reason” from their 2006 CD “Far Removed From” was nominated out of 48 entrants in their category for best song in the alternative music category against bands from all over the world.
“I’m pretty stoked about it,” said singer Bridgette Yarwood, whose band mates include her brothers Richard and Brendon as well as bassist Colin Hart.
“My dad does a lot on internet work and promotion for us and he found out about it,” she enthused during a break from singing more lounge tinged and popular material on the Mocha Cabana patio with Joshua Fritz, Friday night. 
Just Plain Folks is a non profit organization designed to support “the other 98 per cent” of independent music (some 35,000 albums released commercially in the U.S. alone each year) which is ignored by awards shows and mainstream radio.
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Bedouin Soundclash had a blast touring with No Doubt

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For a band that never originally intended to make a career of music, Toronto based reggae influenced pop band Bedouin Soundclash has done all right for themselves.
Bedouin Soundclash — photo by Matt Barnes
The Juno award winning trio, who broke into the mainstream shortly after forming in 2001 with the hit “When the Night Feels My Song,” play the Blarney Stone, Aug. 10.
They just completed a  tour with No Doubt which was even more special because No Doubt brought the opening acts including bedouin Soundclash lead singer/ guitarist Jay Malinowski back on stage to sing with them during the encore of “Stand and Deliver” every night of the three-and-a- half week tour.
“One night  (No Doubt  vocalist ) Gwen Stefani was standing right behind me and I didn’t see her. I turned around too fast and accidentally shoulder checked her. I felt really bad about it, luckily they let me back on stage,”  Malinowski chuckled over the phone from Toronto, adding  No Doubt was a lot of fun to work with.
 “They’re  the nicest people. They’re great to tour with. She’s got quite a stage presence,” he observed.
“We feel really blessed,”  Malinowski continued, adding making music is all about communicating with the audience.
“That’s all we every really wanted to do is make music. I studied art in university and only a few people may see a painting, but when you make music and it becomes popular, a lot of people are touched by it,” he said, adding he doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to painting anymore.  
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Lethbridge buskers play to their own beat

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Busker Bryan Bradfield enjoys summer in Lethbridge. Photo By Richard Amery
The streets of Lethbridge are alive with the sounds of buskers  during the summer. Busking equals freedom according to The Busker’s Association of Lethbridge spokesman Bryan Bradfield.
“We’re very democratic in how we deal with each other,” said Bradfield, adding the “organized ” Busker’s Association of Lethbridge is anomaly in Canada — most buskers just set up and play anywhere, however the 12 members of the Lethbridge Buskers Association meet monthly at the Allied Arts Council office (318 7th street south) to discuss locations and strategies and, of course, to socialize.
 In addition to playing on street corners, parks, outside of coffee shops and anywhere people congregate, the Association is also associated with the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone which means the buskers can participate in the Sounds of Downtown initiative throughout July and August.
“We’ve always been about the performance. This was a fresh and different approach to to music,” Bradfield continued, who has been a member since the Association formed five years ago.
“What it involves is a completely different awareness of the performer/audience relationship because the audience always becomes part of the show,” he continued adding all members must undergo an informal audition process to ensure performers have at least an hour of completely different, non-repeated material as well as to ensure their shows remain family-friendly.
“But a big part of it is forging our own path,” he said.

Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew rock the Slice.

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Chris Colepaugh and Lynn Daigle enjoyed their first Lethbridge show,  July 23. Photo by Richard Amery
Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, aka guitarist/singer Chris Colepaugh, bassist Lynn Daigle and drummer Shawn Sasnyiuk put on the best show of the year that nobody came to at the Slice, July 23.
That didn’t stop the trio from giving it  their all for a mighty crowd of about a dozen who watched Colepaugh tear it up Blues Traveller meets Cream style on a double necked Gibson guitar, sliding up a storm in open C tuning on the electric 12 string. Daigle bobbed her head in time while playing in the pocket and Sasnyiuk was thunderous. 
They introduced the audience to selections from all six of their CDs and Colepaugh added pieces of everything from “Billie Jean” to the Allman Brothers’ “Jessica” to  his solos, ending their show with an electrifying version of “Oh Canada.” One of many highlights was “Caught Up To You” which was  featured in an episode of Degrassi: the Next Generation last year.
 Not bad for their first visit to Lethbridge. They have been playing and recording since 1996 but have never been to Lethbridge. He was impressed.
“It (Lethbridge) reminds me of home,” Colepaugh said before the show. After Lethbridge they were playing in Calgary and Edmonton followed by a two day run in Banff, July 28-29.
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Wild T Houston? Wild T and the Spirit set to play the blues in Lethbridge

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Wild T and the Spirit play the Slice, Aug. 2.
It is always interesting to talk to Tony Springer, aka Wild T, blues guitarist extraordinaire of Wild T and The Spirit, who plays the Slice, Aug. 2. 
 “Blues stuff is easier to write, it’s the other stuff that’s kind of hard,” said Springer, who is also known as an expert Jimi Hendrix impersonator, though a few years ago he was trying to move away from that to focus on both Wild T and solo material.
 “We are still getting the odd gig for that. They’ll pay us a bunch of money and we’ll do it. I’d be Whitney Houston if they wanted me to be,” he laughed.
“I’ve got to set my soul free,” he enthused.The power trio, who had some hits in the ’90s including “Midnight Blues,” “Freedom Train, “Loveland,” and “I’ve Got the Rhythm,” has released six CDs including their latest, “Fender Bender,” but Springer is also exploring his softer side for solo material. He has toured as part of David Bowie’s band, opened for Bon Jovi and was cited as one of Jeff Healey’s major influences.
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